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My Kitty Page | Anime and Manga
Anime and Manga

This is my page about my #1 interest, anime and manga. Here, I will be telling about all of the a+m (anime and manga) that I like or is new. ( I buy an anime and manga magazine)


One of the newest anime that looks good to me is "Wedding Peach". Its the story of a teenage girl and her friends who fight the forces of evil who try to rid the world of love. They transform into brides to build up the love that they need, then they transform into their battle outfits and become the Saints of Love. They transform using their Saint items. This anime looked really cool to me and im thinking about buying it.


I just started buying the manga "Wish". Its the story of a doctor who saves an angel in a tree, and gets one wish in return. But he says he has nothing to wish for. GREAT MANGA! MUST BUY #2!
I just got #2 and loved it! In order to find a wish for Shuichiro (the doctor), Kohaku (the angel) uses time travel to go the Shuichiro's past. GOT #2, MUST HAVE #3!


I just read the manga "Chobits".